Jobs and Economic Growth

Economic growth and job creation are not mysteries. When government reduces tax rates and provides a stable regulatory environment, businesses will invest in the North Carolina economy and create meaningful jobs.

When government fails to balance its budget on time, uses targeted tax incentives to pick corporate winners and losers and proposes unreasonable spending levels sustained by high taxes, businesses freeze or leave.

That is why I support growing our economy through reforming the state’s tax system so that we can reduce our tax rates and provide a reliable regulatory environment for North Carolina businesses to grow.

I also support  “North Carolina Jobs for North Carolinians.” This would disallow the tax deduction for the salary and benefits for each such employee for any employer who employs a foreign national in any job where a similarly qualified United States citizen can be found to do the same job within 25% of the salary offered to the foreign national. There is a great deal of abuse of H1B visa programs that bring in foreigners to take jobs that can be filled by Americans, particularly in the IT industry. These foreign workers, who typically work for substantially less than Americans, depress wages and prevent trained Americans from earning jobs. This needs to stop.

Criminal Justice

As a veteran police officer, I have seen the damage that savagery from criminals can do. Despite what many people say about the costs of incarceration, it is a net gain to society to keep violent criminals and repeat property crime offenders locked up and away from decent people. I will work to keep bad guys locked up and away from you. This is a basic duty of government, and one that must be done efficiently but with extreme care for respecting the rights of the accused in all cases.

#AllLivesMatter, but the lives of good people matter a whole lot more than the lives of people who try to hurt them.

I will introduce a bill that would let police agencies swear in officers who have their General Certification temporarily (up to 180 days) who are already working at other agencies or who have recently left another agency while in good standing for emergency purposes without having to perform all the time consuming paperwork that is normally necessary. Only a quick criminal history check and firearms qualification would be necessary. Drug screen results would have to be on file within 30 days. The rest of the normal paperwork would need to be filled out within 90 days and everything complete within the 180 day window to keep them sworn in.

Due Process for All, Including Law Enforcement Officers

Actions of groups of people who would prefer the rights of criminals to be paramount over the rights of decent citizens have been troubling of late. This has led many law enforcement officers to be reluctant to take clear and necessary actions to protect people and property for fear of being demonized in the media and being unjustly dismissed by their government employers. Accordingly, I propose a Police Officer’s Due Process statute. This will prevent the unjust firing of officers who did their duty but who work for timid agencies and timid politicians who are all too willing to sacrifice a police officer to attempt to placate the criminals and their loudmouth defenders. We all expect due process as a Constitutional right when we deal with government. Why shouldn’t police officers be just as protected?

Peaceful Speech, not Riotous Actions

The right to peacefully protest and share our opinions and to petition the government for the redress of grievances are some of our paramount rights as American citizens. Unfortunately, the “protests” that certain segments of our society have been engaging in of late are not “protests” within a reasonable definition of the word.

Many innocent people have been inconvenienced in their travels and business by gangs of people who have blocked streets and highways in a dangerous and uncivilized manner. I will propose a bill which makes the violation of N.C.G.S. 20-174.1, which is currently a Class 2 Misdemeanor, to be a Class 1 Misdemeanor upon a second conviction and a Class I Felony upon a third or subsequent conviction. This is to show those who would “protest” by blocking streets and highways that they are doing wrong by inconveniencing and endangering the public, who have a right to pass and repass upon public rights-of-way without being stopped by hooligans who find themselves unable to express themselves in a more civilized manner.

Additionally, any persons who remain blocking the lawful passage of others will be deemed to be committing a Class F Felony if they do not remove themselves immediately from the area as soon as any member of the group blocking the free flow of traffic acts in a threatening manner to any person by assaulting, communicating threats, breaking or entering into a home, motor vehicle, or workplace, committing any act of damage to real or personal property, or any act of larceny.

I will introduce a bill that gives a motorist or traveler on a public street or highway the presumption that he is in fear of death or serious bodily injury against himself and may thus avail himself of whatever force is necessary, including the use of the vehicle to escape the illegal detention in which he has found himself in order to stop the threat of any group of persons who are blockading the public right of way.

A law that specifically illegalizes interference with lawful commerce shall also be introduced to prevent those with a chip on their shoulder from interfering with the rights of people to carry on lawful commerce, such as blocking access to businesses that they do not support.

This law will also allow people who are engaged in lawful business to use reasonable force with immunity from criminal prosecution and civil liability to make their way through any person intentionally and unlawfully blocking their passage from any place where they may lawfully progress.

I will introduce a bill which gives a person in an home, motor vehicle, or workplace the presumption of the fear of death or serious bodily injury when two or more people who appear to be acting in concert unlawfully  enter or attempt to enter the home, motor vehicle, or workplace within one mile of any mob actions that are being or have recently been committed.

Lastly, I will introduce a bill that will make the commission of a misdemeanor during mob violence to be punished as a Class I Felony, and that will punish all felonies committed during such a state of mob violence to be punished as a felony of one level higher than the felony committed.

Death Penalty

We also need to send a message to our violent criminals by taking whatever steps need to be taken to expedite the use of the death penalty for those who are duly convicted of capital crimes. This will solve the recidivism issue one criminal at a time.

Ban the Box

It is not the state’s business to tell business people to waste their time dealing with criminals. Accordingly, I do not support the flawed “Ban the Box” movement that disallows asking about criminal histories on employment applications. This makes employers waste their time interviewing felons. If a business wants to hire a felon, they will do so. If they do not, this is a huge waste of their time and a great over-reach by state government to force them to do so. I will work against any pro-criminal legislators who attempt to advance any such legislation.


North Carolina is at a competitive disadvantage with neighboring states due to high tax rates. We must focus on reducing tax rates and eliminating excessive taxes so that North Carolina is competitive again.

I will propose a full and total exemption from state income tax and local property tax on a primary residence for active duty military and veterans who have earned the Medal of Honor. I will propose an increase in the Disabled Veteran Exclusion under NCGS 105-277.1C to the first $100,000 of value in the home.

Gasoline Tax

The gasoline tax should only be spent on roads for motor vehicles and other items of direct benefit to the motoring public that pays these taxes. A proper management of these taxes will allow needed roads to be built without the use of tolls. If bike paths or transit is needed, these need to be funded from another source to keep the motoring public from having to pay for things that are not of direct use to them.


Make DMV contractors have Saturday and weekday after-office hours for tag offices to be more convenient for those of us who work during business hours to transfer titles.

Wasteful Spending

Since the late 1990s, state government spending has skyrocketed when compared to our state’s growth in population. With a $19 billion budget, we need to hold government agencies and program administrators that spend your taxpayer dollars accountable. We must cut wasteful spending so that we can fairly compensate our state employees who provide essential services for North Carolina.


Food does not come from a grocery store. It is produced by the hardworking farmers of North Carolina. It is our state’s largest industry. North Carolina farmers don’t just feed us, they feed the world. We should protect our farmers from oppressive government rules and regulations. I will work to support and expand right-to-farm legislation.


North Carolina families have lost confidence in our public school system. Parents and students want results and they want choices, something that expensive education budgets have not produced. To regain our confidence, public policy must be focused on student achievement and school choice.

Tenure is not appropriate for public employees. Every one of us who works in the private sector has to perform to an acceptable level to keep getting our paycheck.  Schoolteachers are indeed special people/ But what about educators makes it so that we ought to allow public money to go to people who cannot be effectively managed for performance? We must encourage the public school system to recruit the best teachers from our colleges and universities and pay them well based on their performance. We cannot let the bureaucracy of education be more important than educating the next generation.

We should also encourage those brave souls who want to try different approaches to education, such as charter schools, and give them the opportunity to help North Carolina children get a better education than many of our public schools afford.


I believe in pro-life protections for mothers and unborn children. The choice to not have children is to be respected, but that choice is only ethical if it happens prior to conception. Except in the case of rape, the choice to abstain or use contraceptives prior to engaging in baby-making activities are legal, cheap, and available to all at the corner drugstore.


Family is society’s most basic and valuable institution. Families, not government programs, prepare the next generation for meaningful citizenship in this state. Government should encourage families, rather than attempt to replace them.

Election Law

Citizens of North Carolina should be required to show their photo ID when they vote in elections. The soundness of our electoral process is fundamental to the confidence we have in our government. The only argument against this that holds water is from people who wish to commit election fraud, which has been proven to be a problem in North Carolina recently.

Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Eric is an NRA Life Member and an NRA Instructor in several disciplines. He teaches the North Carolina Concealed Handgun Permit class to decent citizens of our great state. Thoughtful people agree that the Second Amendment is not just about hunting or shooting for sport. It is about the right of free people to keep and bear arms – a necessary characteristic of a free state. We need leadership in Raleigh that understands the liberal agenda to undo the Second Amendment by overregulating the hunting and firearm industry. We need brave men who will say “NO!” to this scourge to our liberty.

I will support permitless concealed carry by those who qualify under the same qualifications that exist to qualify to be issued a Concealed Handgun Permit. This is already the law in numerous states (Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Maine, Vermont, Wyoming) with no particular issues arising.


Government should not intrude on the confidential relationship between you and your doctor. I will oppose the unconstitutional mandate that Obamacare places on our people—forcing you to buy insurance or else pay a fine. Our healthcare system should be run by doctors, not bureaucrats. I will also fight for the repeal of Certificate of Need laws, which prevent competition from decreasing prices for certain medical services.

Mental Health

The current state of North Carolina’s mental health system is dysfunctional. It spends a great deal of money but does not do a great job of helping those who (obviously through no fault of their own) are mentally ill. It also does not do a very good job of protecting the public from mentally ill individuals who may be dangerous to others. We need to fund the creation of long term facilities for the treatment of those who are continually in the mental health system and who go through the revolving door of involuntary commitment, a brief treatment to stabilize symptoms, and finally  release back into the community to start the cycle over again. We can do better.

Illegal Immigration

We need to secure our borders and encourage LEGAL immigration, but only of people who are a net gain to our country. We want to give legal immigrants the promise of liberty that our ancestors took advantage of years ago, but illegal immigration and legal immigration of those who are likely to become net consumers of taxpayer money threaten our national security and drains taxpayer money. We must work to deport illegal immigrants, starting with those who are convicted criminals and those who are mooching off of the taxpayers.

I also propose to withhold all state money, including Powell Bill money, from any political subdivision that officially or unofficially acts as a sanctuary to illegal aliens.

Private Property

One of our most fundamental rights is the right to private property. We must protect our private property rights from government or others who would attack them through eminent domain abuse or by arbitrary regulation of land usage. We must repeal the Map Act that allows the NC DOT to prevent development on private property that they may wish to purchase but without paying the owners of the property a fair market value for their land.

Control Without Representation

Cities and Towns have extra-territorial jurisdiction that they exercise over unincorporated areas nearby. This is un-American, as it places the bureaucrats who control permitting, inspections, and similar activities in positions of control over citizens who have no vote and no voice into how they deal with these government agencies. This is unaccountable power, and I propose returning this power to the counties, who are actually accountable to the citizens in unincorporated areas.

I will fight to keep forcible annexation from returning to North Carolina for these same reasons.


Able-bodied people should not receive any state benefits when they choose not to work. Able-bodied people who claim to not be able to find work should have to work for public entities at least 20 hours a week in order to qualify for any state assistance. Remember, every dollar given away to those who do not work is a dollar taken away from a taxpayer who does work. (Plus a great deal of money taken away from taxpayers to administer the whole thing.)

Voluntary Association

I shall introduce a law that would forbid the State and any of its political subdivisions from interfering with a person’s personal choice on what terms they conduct business in, or assisting the federal government in such efforts if they attempt to do so within the State. In an age of business-people being persecuted and prosecuted in other states for choices that they make, we need to make it explicitly clear that the State’s force shall not be used to bring about this unjust state of affairs here in North Carolina. Examples in other states include forcing a bakery to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding when they thought that this was a morally reprehensible thing to do, and trying to force a pizzeria to cater to a same-sex wedding when they also objected. It is anti-American that anybody should be forced into doing business with people who he would prefer not to associate with.


I am not a gambler, and it is clear to me that gambling is an activity that hurts many people. That being said, I do not figure that it is the state’s job to protect adults from every dumb decision that they might make. But it certainly is NOT the state’s job to encourage people to do stupid things, such as gamble their paycheck away. Accordingly, the state has no business running a state lottery. I will move that we disband this at once.

State Employees

State employees should be the beneficiaries of a fair merit-based pay system that keeps up with the cost of living. They should be governed fairly, not arbitrarily, but they should not be retained or rewarded for sub-standard performance. State employees who give exemplary performance should be rewarded. Retirement packages may need to change for future employees to be sustainable for the State’s taxpayers, but no benefits should ever be reduced from what was promised to a state employee when he was hired. The state should never miss a payment to the retirement system for its share of any retirement benefits, as has previously been done to balance the budget.


Recent scandals involving our state’s highest elected officials are shameful and have undermined the public trust. Elected officials should be held to high standards and play by the same rules as every other citizen. Not only do I support reforms to clarify, strengthen and reinforce ethics laws, I will work to support men and women of good moral character who seek to hold office.


We need to clarify that neither the State nor any political subdivision may indebt themselves without voter approval by using such ruses as Certificates of Participation, Tax Increment Financing, or similar devices to keep the voters and taxpayers from having a say.

Protection of Innocents

There is a great deal of hot air that has been floated from LGBTQWERTY groups and similar sources that has gotten many otherwise well-meaning people into an emotional lather about HB2. To see what the bill actually says, click here. I’ll wait. It is pretty reasonable, is it not? It does not order the drawing and quartering of anyone. It merely states what everyone seemed to understand until recently. It codifies what has been the practice from the first time that some enterprising soul created multi-stall bathrooms until the Charlotte City Council, prodded in its actions by a registered sex offender,  decided in 2016 that they knew better. The Charlotte City Council decided to create safety, privacy, and propriety issues for EVERYBODY within their jurisdiction in order to claim to help what has been estimated to be 0.3% of the population.

This ordinance was passed purely to score points with the homosexual lobby and other left-wing people and groups. The safety of the public and the propriety of the whole issue was and is of no great concern to the Charlotte City Council. I do not think that supporting the misapprehensions of the 0.3% of the population supposedly involved (or anyone else for that matter) is good public policy, though I am sure that it is terrible that they have to live with their confused feelings as to what sex they really are. A more compassionate response would be to help these folks find counseling to deal with these feelings. And having these feelings does not imply a need for the entire rest of society to put aside their safety and privacy just to cater to these feelings.

Because of this absurd situation that we find ourselves in, I support HB2. The bill was required to prevent the consequences of the Charlotte ordinance and other ordinances that were in the planning stages for the other left wing communities in North Carolina. HB2 merely prevents biological men from using the same bathroom and changing facilities as girls and women in publicly owned facilities and vice versa. The mixing of people of the two sexes in bathroom and changing areas is not appropriate and it is indeed a public safety issue in these schools and other publicly owned facilities. I would venture that it is never appropriate to do so, but if a person owns real property, I do not think that it is my business to tell him what to do with it, even if it is ill advised. HB2 continues that status quo for private property. Anyone can do whatever they want in such matters in the private property that they own or control. I personally will not patronize or support any establishment that supports mixed-sex bathroom or changing facilities, but they can be as traditional or as avante-garde as they choose to be.

Before anyone trots out the hackneyed accusation of “hate,” due to my traditional views, let me state unequivocally that I have no hate for the afflicted persons we are discussing here. They are sinners just like the rest of us all. God loves them as well as he loves the rest of us, and they may certainly attain salvation through faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ the same as the rest of us. However, I do have pity for them and their affliction, and do not think that it is ultimately helpful to them to assist them by reinforcing their feelings in this matter. It also certainly is not helpful to those who are put in fear or shame due to having to see members of the opposite sex in the bathroom. It is certainly unacceptable for anyone to do that in front of my daughter.

And while I am at it, the NCAA and ACC are not trying to actually help anyone with their stance on this issue. They are merely trying to appear morally superior compared those of us who still attempt to adhere to the traditional values of Western civilization. Incredibly, the NCAA will sanction sporting events in Cuba and China, which are huge human rights violators, but will not schedule championship games in North Carolina. Yes, this is the same Cuba that imprisons homosexuals and other LGBTQWERTY  people. It is indeed unfortunate that the NCAA and ACC have taken this absurd stance, but absurd it most certainly is.

As far as left-wing media bias in opposition to HB2 goes, a good discussion of it can be found here. It is worth noting that the N&O is not the only media outlet that is rabidly anti-HB2, as WRAL is similar in its left-wing bias about this and many issues.

Lastly, I question those who voted for HB2 and who are now having cold feet. It betrays a lack of conviction about what they really believe in.